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The roof is the main structure, which protects the home from the effects of the elements. Therefore, the material that the roof is made has to be able to withstand extreme conditions, ranging from blazing hot summers to wintry ice or driving wind and rain. There are many roofing materials that simply cannot withstand this abuse of the weather, such as wood and asphalt. Therefore its important that you select a roofing material that is strong and made from a durable and resistant material which will withstand just about anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Most people are guilty of not maintaining their roof properly or even having it routinely checked to stop or prevent damage, such as curling or cupping shingles. By routinely inspecting your roof you can remove any debris, which may cause damage to your roof, thus preventing costly repairs later, but with metal roofs, homeowners don’t have to worry about curling or cupping shingles. Or even that routine maintenance.

Asphalt shingles has for a long time been the traditional choice of roofing material. However, recently metal roofing has increased in popularity for residential roofing because of its durability, flexibility and because of the low maintenance requirements. The excellent insulation of these roofing systems reduces both air conditioning and heating bills. Metal roofs are fire resistant, weather resistant, and are easily formed to any roof style. In addition, metal roofs are also much easier to install, make no debris and can be layed over all existing roof that you have.  

Metal roofs are made of 100% recyled materials and are 95% recyclable.  Doing our part to make our footprints on the Earth just a little smaller.

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Founded on the principles of family and hard work, Steelcon LLC is a family owned and operated small business located in the beautiful Lakes Region of NH.  We began installing metal roofing systems over 10 years ago, and roof by roof we have built a solid reputation.  Our attention to detail is what separates us from the competition.  

As a master in this field, Ron is also the master of his craft.  Metal roofing and siding is his passion - second to his family.  When he isn't on a job site you can find him on his boat with his side kick Loki.  He may be four wheeling with his friends on the trails or just enjoying the outdoors with his wife and grandsons Wyatt and Greysen.

We do one thing - metal and we do it well!

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